Channels to switch higher gear

The autumn is gradually becoming halfway, and the channels start from next week a second wave of autumn programs. So throws VTM, respectively, on October 23 and 25, Catherine Moerkerke and Luk Alloo in the schedule. That last is again on the road with the traffic. Also Dance As One with Niels Destadsbader start at the end of October. Four launches on October 15, The Smartest Man on October 19, Dancing With The Stars, and on October 22, Level 4 of Eric Goens. Five let Tipsy on the 23rd of October at the viewer. Also, the VRT has what is in store. A new series About Food start on the 31st of October, on all saints day begins the second season of See Me Happy. On October 30, is back Home and Lieven Scheire is from October 29 on the Canvas to see with Team Scheire. In Flanders Fields is on Monday in the repetition

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