Buyer pleased with ’destroyed’ work Banksy

LONDON – the buyer of The Banksy painting that itself destroyed at an auction, has decided the work of art to keep. The European art collector that the work on the head is tapped, said, according to auction house Sotheby’s first of all startled. “But gradually I began to realize that I have a piece of art in my possession would get,” suggested the woman.

The painting ’Girl with balloon’ fragmented self last week, partly with a built-in device. That happened after the work of art by telephone was sold to the highest bidder for converted eur 1.2 million. It was clear to a region of the mysterious artist.

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Auction house Sotheby’s says in a statement that the artist with the destructive stunt is actually a new work of art has been created. The collector that work bought, pays to demand the agreed price for the painting, which is now ’Love is in the Bin’ (Love is in the garbage) is called.

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