‘’ links to information for victims sexual abuse

Who wants to know more about the newly ingezworen judge of the Us Supreme court, Brett Kavanaugh, will not tell much of Who is it browsing on a website that information bundles for victims of sexual abuse.

Judge Kavanaugh was accused of sexual harassment by Christine Blasey Ford, but himself he denied all the allegations. His domain name was, however, three years ago, bought out by Fix The Court’ (fix the legal system, ed.), an organization that promotes accountability and transparency in the U.s. Supreme court.

“I thought that name still might come in handy,” writes chairman of Fix The Court’s Gabe Roth. “Today is, .org .just redirected to a page with information for victims of sexual violence.’

Gabe writes he Dr. Ford believes, and that forgiveness, according to him, a sign of strength. ‘The ceremony in the White House, where Kavanaugh was appointed was very difficult for many Americans, who are victims of sexual misconduct.’

“We believe survivors”, is in the large to read on the website The hoopla that the appointment of Kavanaugh presented, made according to Fix The Court called for more attention on sexual assaults. “Thousands of victims were over the past month to out with their story. We believe you. And if you need financial assistance, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, End Rape On Campus and Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network to help you, ” says the website.


Brett Kavanaugh was on six October a judge of the Us Supreme court, after a tumultuous aanstellingsprocedure. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. Ford was allowed to testify before the Senate, that an FBI investigation followed. Kavanaugh, however, was referred to as the new judge for the Supreme court, by a narrow majority of 50 votes against 48, Republicans against Democrats, with both parties one dissenting voice.

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