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Boyhood-director makes anti-Ted Cruz-spot

Director Richard Linklater has in the run up to the midterms in the US an anti-Ted Cruz-spot.

Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas and former Republican presidential candidate, hopes that he, in november, is up for re-election.

Richard Linklater, director of Boyhood and Before sunrise/sunset, with the money from the Fire Ted Cruz Pac a campagnevideo turned that that should avoid. He stabs the dragon with the idea that Cruz is as hard as Texas’ would be. Cruz’ slogan is “Tough as Texas”.

“Someone dropped something in the back of my door with the message “Ted Cruz: tough as Texas’” says actor and full-blooded Texaan Sonny Carl Davis in the spot. “If someone offers my wife a dog called, and said that my dad was involved in the Kennedy assassination, then I would not have their heels lick. (…) You drag them out and gives them a rammeling, Ted.’

It is a reference to statements by Donald Trump during the Republican primaries, where even Ted Cruz a throw did to the White House. Trump was also arranged his rival Ted Cruz, among others, with references to his wife.

“Most Texans believe that Cruz is a liar without a spine is his own ambition above his work for the Texans place,” says Mark Stanley, the founder of the Fire Ted Cruz Pac.

Richard Linklater was born in Houston, the largest city of Texas. He has in the state been several movies filmed.

The spot is not made with the consent of Cruz’ Democratic opponent Beto O’rourke.

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