Black Panther-the director also continued to make

Black Panther, about the struggle for the throne of the fictitious African country of Wakanda, was after the release in February extremely well-received. The film not only received rave reviews, but was also seen as a cultural phenomenon: the Marvel movie has an almost entire African-American cast and crew and gives an enviable view of Africa.

Soon after the premiere of Black Panther, it was announced that a sequel to the film would be made. The involvement of Coogler was not previously confirmed. The director has since Black Panther as a producer working on the sequel of Creed, and has recently signed for the production of Space Jam 2.

Black Panther is up to now with a revenue of nearly $ 1.4 billion (nearly 1.2 billion euros) is the second highest earning film of 2018. Only Avengers: Infinity War raked in over 2 billion dollars (1.7 billion euros).

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