Bent Van Looy heavily bullied

Das Pop-singer Bent Van Looy was last week a guest at Gert Late Night and he was Thursday night, the last Bedgeheimen with James Cooke exit. Was used earlier for the alternative than for the commercial, and that is now quite different. “Well, that is not what I more. That would be I used to be very had. And at is liberating,” says Van Looy. As a student Of Looy different than he is today. “I was very headstrong and determined to achieve what I wanted to achieve. And fairly cramped also of ‘I will do’.”

“At a certain moment, you lose who you are and there’s nothing left over, and you have yourself zero rebuilding, almost. I am with people talking about it and got really active a solution. Really professional help even. If you are outside of the group or otherwise, do you aggression because people don’t understand.”

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