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Belgian football creaks under Operation ‘Clean Hands’

Referees Bart Vertenten and Sébastien Delferière seem lifelong burned. Also for KV Mechelen it looks benard.

Two days after the Operation ‘Clean Hands’ has erupted, the consequences for the football world painfully obvious. The referee Bart Vertenten and Sébastien Delferière, both of which are suspected of bribery, have been suspended. Probably, they will never go back, added the Belgian Football association yesterday. The Pro League decided yesterday also to the championship this weekend in 1B cancel, out of fear for riots with supporters. Especially the reaction of the fans of KV Mechelen is feared. Their club and receive blows.

The federal public prosecutor’s office confirmed yesterday that there are indications that four directors of Malinwa, in march last year via real estate agent Dejan Veljkovic agreement with two directors of Waasland-Beveren. They wanted to get done that the Waaslanders in the slotmatch of last season against Mechelen is not more to hard their best would do.

Nightmare scenario

If it turns out that the bribe was settled in the lap of both clubs, then threatens demotion or even the delisting as a penalty. A nightmare scenario.

That you recognize, Dieter Penninckx, director of KV Mechelen. The ceo of Brantano and Fred & Ginger, together with the holdings of Olivier Somers since the beginning of this year the owner of Malinwa. Penninckx made after his appointment as a director was never a secret that he has the power of agent Dejan Veljkovic – who for many years the huismakelaar of the club was – wanted to break. He found his influence at the club is unhealthy.

“My supportershart bleeds today. Stunned I am by what’s happening now, ” says Penninckx. ‘Of course I want my fellow directors who are arrested are, to know what is going on. Or they have done something. But if there is something wrong has happened, then it’s definitely not in command of the club happened.”

About Veljkovic has Penninckx a clear opinion. “I have that man never even want to shake. Instinctively I have always felt that he was worthless.’

Penninckx says to hope that the operation of the court can have a beneficial effect. ‘Deep down, I am even happy that this comes true. For my club and for Belgian football. We experience him now, but the storm will also be at other clubs pass. I’m sure of it.”

For the fiercely embattled supporters has Penninckx also a message. “No matter what happens, I do not walk away from KV Mechelen.’

Better news for the Club

For Club Brugge, was there yesterday, better news. Trainer Ivan Leko if after a night in the cell house. He is not accused of matchfixing, money laundering. Club confirmed meanwhile the trust in the Croatian coach.

Club Brugge, Standard, Racing Genk, Lokeren and KV Mechelen are, however, suspicious that they Veljkovic under a hat have played at the arrange of his shadowy transfers where hidden commissions and compensation would have been paid in under false pretenses.

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