Beau gets Ring ’probably lose’

Beau van Erven Dorens is the winner of the Golden Televizier-Ring 2018

“I’m going to him to my wife, then I lost him”, said the presenter, that not one, but two prices fell during the Golden Televizier-Ring Gala. Beau also won the Silver Televizier-Star for best presenter, and is thus the winner of the night.

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Beau Five Days Inside wins the Golden Televizier-Ring

Beau finds it incredible that the public him to be so rewarded for his work. “I thought: I just believe it not”, he recalls the moment he heard that Beau Five Days Inside the Ring had won. The program defeated The Luizenmoeder and Expedition Robinson. “You have that kind of moments that you see sometimes on tv, that someone really does not believe. I really thought: I just believe it is not. I found it weird.”


Although Beau, the Televizier-Ring all of an hour to his finger, he is still in disbelief. “But I’m supertrots. Especially because we have a very small ploegje. We are very intimate in homes where you normally never actually arrives.”

Beau hopes that he is in receipt of the Ring has not forgotten the people he portrayed, to thank. “Which people are exposed, that’s why I hope also that I said that. It is thanks to them that I’ve gotten. They have exposed and I am just to the inside run.”

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