Baby missing after floods Mallorca

MALLORCA – Majorca search rescuers to a boy of 6 years, that disappeared during the heavy rainfall and flooding by the end of Tuesday in the village of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar. He is the last one that is missing, the death toll after yesterday on the twelve stick around.

Rescue workers search for the missing boy.

The mother of missing 6-year-old boy was, according to various local and regional media with her two children on the way home, when she was surprised by the water. From a roundabout threatened to water her car to draw. She knew her daughter of 7 years to the outside to work, and that was by a neighbor from the flow are saved. The mother and the little boy could not escape. The rescuers are now looking at the spot where the body of the mother and the car were found.

Catalina Clavera of the emergency services, says: “There are now more than forty rescue workers to search for, and dredges. This is an anxious time for the families and for everyone. We want to be as quickly as possible to end that fear.” The rescuers dredges in the ondergestroomde the road and make use of assistance dogs.

80-year-old Dutch

The two bodies yesterday were found, may be of two Germans who live on the island. Also a Dutch woman of 80 years, came to, just as a British couple that was on vacation. In addition, seven Spanish islanders were killed.

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Meanwhile, also the recovery and cleanup efforts. The floods have a chaos in the village left behind, and employees of the municipality, going from house to house to ask what the residents need. Many have their entire contents will be lost.

The emergency services have now announced that they in the first hours of the storm two hundred people have been rescued from balconies, roofs, and out of the water.

This afternoon at 5 pm visit king Felipe VI and his wife the disaster area, on the day of ’Day of the Hispanidad’, the national holiday of Spain.

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