Arnold Schwarzenegger: I am error has been

Schwarzenegger is sorry that he political opponents of girls has called

In an interview with Men’s Health looks at Arnold Schwarzenegger back on his period as governor of California and he is offering to retroactively apologize to for some of the things that he incorrectly addressed.

So he was a few days before he governor was in 2003, by several women accused of sexually unacceptable behaviour, something which the actor strongly denied. Now he says: “The accusations have me thinking and I wanted to anyway prevent anyone, including myself, ever made that mistake. Therefore, we have all followed a course on sexual harassment, so as to make it clear what may and may not do.”

He also has regrets about the belittling of his political opponents, that he ‘girly men’ called. “That was not correct, that I did not have to do. I feel bad about it and say sorry. I called them girls because they are no risks, dared to take, but that was short-sighted. Ultimately, you just want to can work together.”

The action hero was 25 years married to Maria Shriver, who left him after it appeared that Arnold was an illegitimate child with another woman had conceived. Not just a woman, but their housekeeper for many years worked at them.

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