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Antwerp Giants and Mountains to keep the points at home in the Euromillions League, Charleroi will win in Leuven

The Antwerp Giants and Mountains have Saturday on the second day of the Euromillions Basketball League easy thuiszeges booked against, respectively, Liège (92-68) and Kangaroos Mechelen (100-79). Charleroi went in, and win, in Leuven, belgium) 66-76.

For the Antwerp Giants, it was the first league game after last weekend for the Champions League basketball. The home team was especially after resting in a class too strong for the Hatch, that on the break with two points leading.

Mountains, the mark of one hundred points against the Kangaroos Mechelen. The Henegouwers dominated the party from beginning to end and recorded their second competitiezege in a row, good for a provisional solitary leadership position.

Leuven started against Charleroi sharp and took the Carolo’s in the first quarter right from the neck skin (16-11). The visitors recovered, however, and klaarden the job in the last quarter (15-23). For Charleroi, it was also the first competitieduel. Spirou grip Thursday on a visit to the Spanish of Murcia, next to the third Belgian Champions League ticket.

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