American pastor, cause of crisis between Turkey and the USA, released

The Us president, Donald Trump, tweette that reverend Andrew Brunson released and soon to the United States will return.

Brunson was arrested by the police in Izmir, Turkey, because he suspected was to have contact with terrorists. The reverend would have links with high members of the Gülenbeweging, which in Turkey is held responsible for the couppoging in 2016.

The case was picked up by evangelical christians in the US. According to them, it was Brunson being persecuted for his faith. He will, according to Trump soon be back on American soil.

Brunsons case grew into a splijtzwam in the relationship between Turkey and the United States. The American government saw him as a political hostage and demanded his immediate release. The U.S. put sanctions on two Turkish ministers because of Brunsons continued detention. Then lost to the Turkish lira, a quarter of its value.

The crisis threatened to a historical break between the two Nato countries. “It is a pity that you were a pastor more important than your strategic partner in Nato,” said president Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier. The U.s. sanctions threatened Turkey into the arms of Russian president Putin to float.

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