American archbishop road to abuse

WASHINGTON – The archbishop of Washington, D. C., Donald Wuerl, will resign because of sexual abuse by catholic clergy in his former diocese of Pittsburgh. Pope Francis has resigned his post approved, but stressed that the Wuerls own wishes. He has the American archbishop, who is also a cardinal is, and remains, asked to remain until a successor is found.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Wuerl (77) is one of the highest catholic clergy so far that because of sexual abuse are function down. He came under fire when last summer a report was published with evidence for large-scale abuse within the church in Pennsylvania, the state where Pittsburgh is located. Certainly a thousand people, mostly children, according to the report, in the course of decades, become the victim of the misconduct by some three hundred priests and other clergy. Wuerl was bishop from 1988 to 2006.

The outgoing archbishop is also accused that he would have known of sexual abuse by his predecessor, ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Wuerl denies that.

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