Again bloody confrontations at the border of Gaza

GAZA – Israeli troops have six Palestinians were shot during riots in the border area between Gaza and Israel. It reports the Palestinian ministry of Health in the Gaza strip, where Hamas is in power. There were, according to the ministry also sure sixty people injured, among them ten children.

Palestinian demonstrators carry wounded away from battle field full of burning tires at the border.

The Israeli army reports that about 14,000 Palestinians had gathered at the border. Demonstrators threw with stones and explosives. “The terrorists had a bomb go off at the border between Israel and Gaza and attacked a legerpositie within Israel”, reports the army on Twitter. “All the terrorists are killed by the military.”

It’s been months restless at the border between Israel and the impoverished Palestinian coastal area. There is weekly demonstrated by the Palestinians. They demand a right to return to areas that are now Israel.

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