‘Abducted schoolgirls Nigeria, signed for life,”

Over the past nine years, terrorist organisation Boko Haram in Nigeria more than 600 girls and young women from schools are kidnapped. In a Thursday report published witnesses 119 victims about lasting physical and psychological injuries.

In 2014, kidnapped the moslimfundamentalistische terrorist organisation Boko Haram, some 270 girls from a school in Chibok, in northeastern Nigeria. Those images went around the world and provoked international outrage. Several dozen victims were meanwhile freed, but surely a hundred of them still in captivity.

As a result of Wereldmeisjesdag, which on 11 October every year attention is asked for the position of girls, was published by the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA), a thick report. Therein collected the partnership of several international ngos to the stories of the 119 victims and eyewitnesses of three attacks of Boko Haram on schools in Nigeria.

The victims and witnesses in the report about the horrific and prolonged suffering to which Boko Haram them during their captivity exposed. So were the girls and young ladies are structurally abused and raped, they were forced to “marry” with their abductors and to convert to islam.

Forced into suicide attacks

That ongoing violence and abuse caused permanent mental and physical injuries. Victims who could escape their captors speak not only about the nightmares, anxiety and concentration problems, but also, for example, about persistent vaginal bleeding, due to the many rapes. Several victims were able to get pregnant.

Who, then, again refused to convert to islam, had to perform forced labour for the families of Boko Haram fighters, until they literally fell. Some were even forced to take part in attacks that the terror group had committed.

The last few years, Boko Haram, increasingly, suicide bombers used to attack, mainly women. Experts believe that the most zelfmoordterroristes kidnapped.

Schools continue to be endorsed

‘Until today endorse Boko Haram of school girls”, says Diya Nijhowne, director of GCPEA, in a press release. ‘This year were 111 girls kidnapped from their school in the village of Dapchi. That shows that Nigeria four years after the tragedy of Chibok still urgently what should do to the safety in schools.’

The attacks of Boko Haram on schools have also indirect consequences, concludes the report. So had quite a bit of Nigerian schoolgirls in the last years of their courses stop, because their school was the target of a terrorist attack. This gives them back more difficult to later find a job.

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