VTM prevented the relocation of Kurt Rogiers to Home

We see him 5 days a week in the Family but once it was different. Kürt Rogiers presented for a number of years on Qmusic but one night he decided to call it quits. Kürt found himself does not fit into the new model that the bosses had drawn for the transmitter. “I was to the new baseline, to listen and thought ‘Wow, they are right. They are right that they do this and that they the young guests a bit more to shift and I that night decided to own a beautiful end to make. I have that night an email is sent to our boss, Erwin Deckers, with the request to agree to talk because my contract ran is still a very long time. I am the day after are going to say, ” I think I did not pass, I find that well. I will think about how my next radioverhaal ‘ but actually there was no following radioverhaal.” The departure of Kürt Rogiers at Qmusic was made public and a short time later he got a sudden phone call from the makers of at Home with the message that there is a very exciting new role in coming Home. “And then I had suddenly keiveel nerves. A lot of colleagues from Home, I do not know, I had also never played. I also know of the house not because I was all of 18 years at Medialaan, and thought ‘I’m going to do that’. I’m nice to the people here, that to me 18 years have embraced to send a mail with the message that I need to go Home and go. At a certain moment exploded my mobile phone. The Medialaan, from management to producers, everyone began to call.” There was Kürt asked to have a week to wait and a week later he received a telephone call from the makers of Family with the question to come. “It’s a nice story. ‘Kürt, we have you someone to suggest, ” she said on the phone. “I’ll be in that room and that was a hall in which the directed, the producer of Family, the CEO of the company and a couple of other people. I had a suspicion but I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen. And I remember that Wim Feyaerts are bakske took and said ‘Kürt, I’m going to introduce you to a very interesting man. The light in that room goes out, he pushes a button and so very, very, very large “Lars Wulf”. I still know very, very well, that was the image of a man with a silhouette, you saw him not, it was just a picture from 50 Shades of Grey. You saw just a skyline, he stood at a window, he looked at the skyline and you could not see more than a silhouette. And then the clothing that he wears, the Tesla that he moved everything in to the smallest detail, even what they the next year with Lars were planning. “ Kürt was so impressed that the deal is quickly sealed. “I have been in the car a very sweet email sent to the creators of at Home with the notice he received an offer he could not refuse. ‘That was so impressive how they have dealt with and I have no regrets.”

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