Support for neergesabelde Moon to DWDD-occur


“I think it’s still nice that such a young girl that sings, which shows that it is a timeless song. Well done hear,” writes one tweeter, while another, the criticism is not justified. Another writes: “Why is she burned? I think it brave and grand as you dare.”

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Moon burned down to cover Wim Sonnevelds The Village

The 21-year-old The Voice of Holland-winner if Wednesday, there is a number, that at key moments in her life heard. She sang The village, because it is one of the favorite of her mother. “I listened to it a lot in my childhood. If I for breakfast came down, was that music is often on.” Maans interpretation was not to the liking of some viewers. Who found her was too young to Sonnevelds number from 1965 to sing.

Listen to the clip from the 42 minute 40.

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