New Yorker planned bombing to election by the drawing of lots under the spotlight

A 56-year-old man from New York is Wednesday arrested because his plan would have been to himself to blow up in the American mid-term losses of 6 november. He wanted to get attention for his political beliefs.

The 56-year-old Paul Rosenfeld is accused of planning to have been a bomb of 90 kilograms on his body to explode in the capital city of Washington, on the day of the mid-term losses.

Rosenfeld would in letters and messages to someone in Pennsylvania from the canvases have made, how he was a bomb attack planned on the National Mall in Washington, which opens on the Capitol. His contact had warned the police, that Rosenfeld of the way up. The man known his plans. The police conducted a house search at Rosenfeld north of New York city, where the bomb was found.

With the attack of wild Rosenfeld gain attention for his political beliefs. The man was an advocate of election by lot and not by majority, as is now happening. According to the FBI would Rosenfeld are not part of a larger terrorist organization. He risks 20 years in prison.

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