May Staff a room with 100 students hypnotize?

Is hypnosis real or not? If you want to find out, there is only one way: self-hypnotist! Last week followed the Staff and Mathias a crash course with Jo De Rijck and went to the streets in the Netherlands. Staff showed a natural talent and that is why the brothers this week a step further. A serious step!

Staff assumes the role of Martin, a supposed master in hypnosis from the Netherlands. Martin, alias Staf Coppens, get a full hypnoseshow and will try a full hall critical students of university of applied sciences UCLL to hypnotize. Because if you 100 smart students can hypnotize them, that proves that hypnosis really is. Succeed Martin in the head to crawl out of a full room of bollebozen? Or is Staff going to the basket?

Mathias: “This could be very hard to fail. Fortunately we have that in advance never against Staff said.”

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