Karrewiet shines in absence on YouTube

With nearly 300,000 subscribers in less than a year, the YouTube channel of the Dutch Jeugdjournaal a huge hit. But the Flemish counterpart Karrewiet there is currently no track on the popular video platform. However, they are at Karrewiet for quite some time working on developing a digital strategy. Concrete results are the Karrewiet-app -good for 70.000 downloads – that two times a day for a newsfeed and the Karrewiet-Instagram-account, that of 11,900 followers counts. But YouTube belongs , for the time being, so don’t to the package. “A matter of budgets,” says Katrien Van der Slycken in The Morning as chef young’ at the head of the Karrewiet team. “We have chosen to make our limited resources on Instagram, and our app to focus. “That Karrewiet viewers actually to young for a own Instagram account is not an obstacle. “The practice teaches us that many children are not up to their 13th birthday are waiting to put on Instagram,” says Van der Slycken. “We will not stand alone. Just about every European jeugdjournaal is active on Instagram.”

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