Johnny de Mol goes on a journey and take along…

Johnny de Mol

Johnny de Mol is once again on a journey, and take this season into a well-known Dutch people. Humberto Tan, Victor Mids, Ronald Koeman and Ellie Lust may be The Mole this year accompany. Earlier it was announced that Patrick Kluivert and his son Shane to join. Also allowed to the guests for the first time a boyfriend or girlfriend to bring along, so reports News.

According to Victor Mids was a trip with Johnny a memorable. “I have to honestly say that we still did not know, but from the very first moment we had a click and felt almost as if we have been together for years knew,” he says. For the illusionist, I felt as if he with one of his friends, a roadtrip was allowed to make.

The other guests are later published.

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