‘John de Mol is a mollusk if he is little Johnny sees

According to Johnny father has a sensitive side, but let he that has too little. “He’ll be a bit stiff or business, but that he is not. He is a mollusk at the time that he was that small.”

Little Johnny came in april in the world according to the presenter is John completely in love with his grandson. “That he has with dogs: he lowers himself literally to their level, actually lie on the floor. With little Johnny going to switch to.”

Johnny tells to JFK: “I saw that also when my grandmother was ill. Every day at six o’clock he came along. Not because the sisters something did wrong, on the contrary: nothing but praise for the sisters, but he wanted grandma to eat for ourselves. Each and every day. He then turns in a small sweet little boy. That’s what he always does, but people see that, never.”

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