Iran summons German ambassador on the mat, because of terror suspect diplomat to Belgium was extradited

The Iranian authorities have Wednesday the German ambassador in Tehran on the mat is called. That happened in protest against the surrender by Germany of an Iranian diplomat to our country. The diplomat was Wednesday in Belgium held. He is suspected to be involved in a foiled attack on a meeting of the Iranian opposition MEK in France.

According to Tehran, Assadollah Assadi, the victim of a conspiracy by the enemies of Iran. The Iranian authorities ask that the diplomat would immediately be released.

Assadi moved to a diplomatic post in Austria. He is one of the four suspects at the end of June and beginning of July in raids in Germany, France and Belgium were arrested. All four are now in custody, on suspicion of attempted terrorist murder and preparing a terrorist crime.

The four would be at the end of June an attack have planned against a meeting of opposition MEK in Villepinte, near Paris. On 30 June, the day of the conference, was a Belgian couple of Iranian origin arrested in the Brussels region. In their car was about 500 grams of the explosive TATP was detected. That would Assadi them delivered.

Assadollah Assadi would be part of the Iranian ministry for Intelligence and Security would be the task to have had the opposition groups abroad to keep in view and to combat it.

In the same study was already previously Merhad A., a 54-year-old man of Iranian origin, and by France transferred to the Belgian court.

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