‘Extremely dangerous’ hurricane Michael reaches Florida: a lot of damage and at least one dead

Hurricane Michael is on Wednesday to land in Florida and cast a lot of damage. On the first images from the disaster area is to see how the roofs were blown away and trees and power poles torn off. That damaged a lot of cars. There is already talk of at least one dead. The hurricane was beforehand labeled as ‘extremely dangerous’.

The hurricane, with wind speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour, went on Wednesday to land in the seaside town of Mexico Beach. The area seems to be recreated in a war zone, witnesses, journalists on the spot. A lot of the houses are under water and almost all the trees are torn off.

The hurricane is now a category 4. That is the second highest category. More than 311.000 homes and businesses in Florida, Alabama and Georgia are without power.

Approximately 375,000 residents were advised to leave the area, but not everyone has done that. There were dozens of shelters decorated. In Tallahasee, is the airport closed and remained also, most of the shops closed.

In the area of Greensboro, came a man to life because of a tree on his house fell, thus confirming the authorities.


State of emergency

The rescue services are being massively called out for the damage to be measured and assist victims, said the governor of Florida, Rick Scott. In the state, the state of emergency, just as in Alabama and Georgia. According to Scott may, hurricane Michael is the heaviest storm in decades.

Hurricane Michael pulls further to the north, and would Wednesday night (local time) southeast Alabama and southwest Georgia reach. The wind speeds would decrease.

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