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Bitcoin loses 5, Ripple, IOTA, Ethereum about 10 percent

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and IOTA were in the night of 10. on the 11. October a slump plug. It looks similar in the entire Top 100: as good as all the Altcoins are slipped. An Overview.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, IOTA, and as good as all Altcoins went in the night from 10. on the 11. Oktber on descent. The entire Ecosystem lost to 09 PM 16.2 billion US Dollar and is close to 201.2 billion US dollars.

Strongest loss: Ripple (XRP)

The hardest hit in the last 24 hours Ripples XRP. This was 12.61 percent, the strongest blow to the supposed Bank’s cap. Currently, XRP from Ripple is just $ 0.41. In the weekly chart the course of 24 percent.

Density of trackers on the losers podium: BCH, Stellar, and IOTA

Similar to Ripples XRP it currently looks at other Altcoins: BCH lost 12.3 percent and thus lies at a full 447 US dollars. Stellar Lumens (XLM) lost 12,21 percent and is now at 0.21 US Dollar. The Internet of Things Coin IOTA had a similar plug-in: With 11.87 per cent of the price for a MIOTA is now at $ 0.50.

Ethereum: a loss of 11 percent

Also Vitalik Buterins Ethereum (ETH) does not look too rosy. This had to cope with in the last 24 hours, a loss Rate of almost eleven percent. The Ether-rate is currently US $ 200.

Bitcoin remains relatively stable

In comparison, the market leader in Bitcoin remains relatively stable. With 4.17% of the current price to dump in the case of Satoshi Nakamoto, crypto suggests currencies in the Top 20 at the least strong book. Bitcoin is now 6.283 the U.S. Dollar. Within the last hour, he lost only 0.22 per cent.

In comparison, BTC remains relatively stable. But rosy is different.


It confirms what we already mentioned: Neither is it the case that Bitcoin explodes, he dies completely. In terms of volatility in the crypto-currency remains relatively stable.

The stability of Bitcoins should not be taken lightly. The course is fallen below, since the start of August, existing upward trend and is nearing a Test of Support at $ 6,000. Should the share price fall below it, we go slowly in the bearish version of Bitcoin, and a Test of the since February, persecuted Triangle Patterns in approximately 5,600 of the US Dollar, a further confirmation of this last variant would be.

To anyone who wants a detailed Overview of our course pages here.

Update: the stock exchange shows a similar Kurssurz

Similarly, there are presently on the stock market. Here is the biggest price slide took place in the night from Wednesday to Thursday for months. The Dax fell to its lowest level since February of 2017. As the first German television reported, met there, especially the technology industry:

“The technology-oriented Nasdaq lost four percent. The shares of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and the Google mother’s Alphabet recorded heavy losses between four and nine percent. The Wall Street Journal writes that investors have pulled from rapidly defined values, and the less prominent shares.“

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