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Roger Ver wants to set up their own Exchange

Roger Ver, the founder and CEO of the platform “” on 9. October 2018 in an Interview with Bloomberg known that he consider a private Exchange for crypto-currencies at the Start.

The statements of Verse’, according to this new Exchange in the existing platform will be integrated to attract as many users as possible and to bind. If you trust the Internet service Faith, on average, almost 4 million page views per month. Through the integration of the planned stock exchange is a Win-win Situation is likely to arise, because it saves in so many of the users of the Marketing numbers for the new Exchange and existing users of binds, and on the other hand, new potential users can win.

How, exactly, the Exchange will look like and which Coins, tokens, and Trading pairs will be available, not want to Ver tell yet. Anyone who knows the controversial personality of this early Bitcoin Investor, however, is what is the crypto currency of ancestors in the heart of this new crypto-exchange. As a proponent of Bitcoin-to-Cash was called “the True Vision of Satoshi Nakamoto” Roger Ver, the used to be called “Bitcoin Jesus”, for many people, the “Bitcoin Judas”. So it is little wonder that Roger stuck to his own use the new Exchange horse “Bcash”.

The help of third-party

Ver not language also to the fact that he is not yet sure whether it would be wiser for the internal development of the crypto to cooperate publicly with partner companies:

“If we are to build the Exchange itself, then we could do this very cost-effective and we get exactly what we imagine. However, we could not offer the safety, the other, already “battle-tested” stock exchanges with a longer experience can offer.”


All in all, the statements of Verse’ shows that the idea of their own crypto-exchange is still in a very early stage of development and there is still no more than an idea, but the Bitcoin Jesus/Judas has already proven several times that he put ideas in action. So finally remains to be seen whether and how the Exchange will come, and whether and how it will affect the price of Bitcoin Cash.

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