Belgium provides Chinese ‘spy’ on US

Belgium has been an employee of the Chinese ministry of state Security, extradited to the United States.

Yanjun Xu, who was known under various pseudonyms, is suspected of corporate espionage in various U.s. and foreign air and ruimtevaartbedrijven, reports the U.s. department of Justice. He was already on 1 april picked up in Brussels.

The man was yesterday/Tuesday extradited from our country to the United States. Yanjun Xu, who was also known under the names of Qu Hui and Zhang Hui, worked for the Chinese ministry of state Security (MSS). He would have tried to be sensitive information to know in various companies in the U.S. and abroad, active mainly in aerospace. Xu attracted experts for the companies to work for China, so to speak, a presentation to give at a university.

Include GE Aviation, an American company that engines provide for the aviation sector, would be the victim.


Xu was on april 1 arrested in Brussels after he was in the United States have been sued for corporate espionage and conspiracy. What he in our country did, is not clear.

According to the U.s. department of Justice is not an isolated incident. “This is part of a general policy of China at the expense of America. We can not tolerate that a country the fruits of our thinking steals. We will not tolerate that a country will reap what it has not sown’, it sounds in a press release.

The man will be in a federal court in Cincinnati, accused of. He risks 15 years in prison.

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