Astronauts traveling to the ISS to landing make

The space capsule that Thursday with a Soyuz launcher to the international space station (ISS), has an emergency landing need to make in Kazakhstan. The two astronauts are unharmed.

The problem would, according to Russian ruimtevaartbronnen are formed in the second stage of the launcher. The astronauts, the American Nick Hague and the Russian Alekseï Ovtsjinin, had thus a never-before-made ballistic landing run.

The capsule with the two occupants could be successful countries in Kazakhstan. Rescue teams are being massively ripped out. According to the news agency Reuters , are the first rescue workers, meanwhile, on the spot. Doctors have determined that the two astronauts unharmed.

During their training, astronauts will be trained on performing such a landing. This is their more learned how to deal with gravitational forces up to 9G.

Space flights cancelled

It was intended that Hague and Ovtsjinin a small 180 days in space would spend. Six hours after the launch would their capsule to the Russian Pojsk module of the ISS to be linked. For the American it was his first mission, for the Russians are second.

After the failed launch of Russia has decided all manned ruimtevluchen until further notice to cancel.

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