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Trixie Whitley: ‘I am multiple times and sexually molested’

The singer is Trixie Whitley’s worried about this ‘Trumpiaanse times of hate, misogynie, and racism.

In the aftermath of the appointment of chief judge Brett Kavanaugh, who is accused of sexual assault during his teenage years, share Trixie Whitley her experiences at a photo in which her daughter is holding.

‘The eruption of hatred, misogynie, racism and injustice like a wildfire all over the world, spreads, touches everyone that abuse and oppression experienced in the deep”, writes the Belgian-American musician who lives in New York.

‘Fortunately I know that I am not here only in am, ” she says. “I am also a survivor of rape and different sexual assaults, both inside and outside the industry in which I have been, since my childhood involved am.”


In her message she gets also her three year old daughter. “I will do everything to make her to show that they are a lot more choices than the status quo that our society and its offers. (…) They can go against everyone that her possibilities consciously or unconsciously try to undermine it.’

Itself she loses her faith in humanity. “They (her daughter, red.) can have confidence that there are many men and women are not molesters or traitors of our rights are human rights.’

She ends with: “I continue to believe that we can do better than this, if we dare to choose courage instead of fear.’


In the Canvas program, Elvis continues to exist said Trixie Whitley last year, that she often has to do with sexism and sexual assault. Twice she is almost raped, she told him. Every time she got in an elevator a tongue in her mouth pushed. She was seventeen, the men active in the music industry.

This message on Instagram

My heart has been feeling extremely heavy this fits week, while indeed deeply passionate about our humanity. Thankfully, I know I am not not alone in this. I too am a survivor of rape and multiple sexual assaults, both in and outside the industry I’ve been assigned to since my early childhood. During these Trumpian times– the eruption or hatred, misogyny, racism, and blatant injustice which has been spreading like wildfire globally is such a deep trigger to all those who have experienced abuse and oppression. The systemic consequences which ultimately affects us all, whether directly or indirectly, are simply too large in destruction for us to deny– WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS. My daughter is 3 now, and I will continue to do everything I possibly can during this lifetime to show her that she has far more choices than the status quo of our society may present to her. She can develop a strong core built on self-respect and a critical mind of her own. As she grows up she can distribute the power of her own dignity, love and care to her fellow humans. She can stand up against anyone or anything who consciously or unconsciously tries to undermine her abilities, and defeat or sabotage these essential values. She can recognize her own power to not be defeated. She can trust that there are many men and woman out there who aren’t assaulters or traitors, or our basic human rights. She can trust that the joy, affection and connection can indeed be an act of resistance. She can trust that the more serious we are regarding our interdependence, the more we can learn from our actions towards positive evolution. She can learn that through grace and radical empathy, we can be the fuel of real change. Sure, we all have dark sides and I believe looking them straight in the eye is what is necessary to truly evolve. It takes a shit ton of courage for sure. Yes I am driven by my idealism and I continue to believe that we can collectively do better than this, that is if we dare to choose for courage instead of fear••• ?? by @antoncoene

A message shared by Trixie Whitley (@trixie_whitley) on 8 Oct 2018 11:24 (PDT)

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