Thousands evacuated after explosion ammunition depot in Ukraine

About twelve thousand people had sat night to be evacuated after an ammunition depot in Ukraine was hit by a major fire. The security service, speaks of possible sabotage.

The fire continued a seemingly endless series of explosions in motion, by three explosions per second. However, there would not be injured.

The spokesman of the Ukrainian Defence ministry says the explosions occurred in different places in the ammunition depot at the same time, which according to him points to malicious intent.

The depot is located in the oblast Chernihiv, about 180 kilometres south-east of Kiev, the capital. Eye-witnesses say the Ukrainian television that the explosions even fifty kilometres away could hear it.

Hundreds of workers

“There are no deaths or injuries cases, nor among the military personnel, or among the civilian population’, according to a press release of the ministry of Defence.

As a precaution, the airspace within a radius of thirty kilometres around the ammunition depot closed. Also all the traffic on the road and the track was shut down and the gas supply was closed. Hundreds of emergency workers were seconded to the area.

‘Major shortcomings’

President Petro Poroshenko has now called for an investigation. It is not the first time that an ammunition depot in Ukraine explodes. Last year had 24,000 people had to be evacuated after a deposit in the oblast Vinnytsja exploded.

As a result of that accident checked a parliamentary committee of inquiry on the various munitions depots in the country, also that of Chernihiv. From that research came forward that the Tuesday morning burnt ammunition depot suffered from ‘significant deficiencies’.

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