Sylvie Meis trust second love

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Photo: EPA
Sylvie Meis trust second love

10 October, 2018 07:57
10-10-18 07:57
Latest update: 14 hours ago
Update: 14 hours ago

According to Sylvie Meis it safe to say that Rafael van der Vaart, once of her great love was, but the presenter continues to hope that a second great love in her life will appear.

“To be very honest: my big wish is to one day my great love to be found”, writes the forty-Meis in her column in Grazia. “I have the hope and confidence that there is a second great love for me.”

The presenter considers it an “exciting idea” that there is someone who is currently on a life of their own leads, but that the intention is that they eventually come together. “I’m a hopeless romantic. We go to each other on a day meet, whether it’s tomorrow or a half year. Until that time, I am wild and free and I love it.”

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