‘Second suspect poisoning Skripal is a doctor in the Russian intelligence service’

“The second suspect of the attempted poisoning of the former Russian Sergei Skripal is a doctor in the Russian military intelligence Group’, writes the British onderzoekssite Bellingcat.

“We have Alexander Petrov identified as Alexander Jevgenevitsj Michkin, a military doctor who works for GROe’, message Bellingcat. The website is based on various open sources, testimonies of people who know him, and copies of identity documents.

Previously had the website already reported that one of the defendants under the false name Alexander Petrov to the British Salisbury, where the poisoning took place, had traveled. Bellingcat also gave more information about the other Russian suspicious. That would Anatoli Tsjepig, a high officer of Russian military intelligence Groups. He traveled under the name Ruslan Bosjirov to Britain.

Sergey Skripalen his daughter Yulia were at the beginning of march is poisoned with the zenuwgif novitsjok. After the attack they were in critical condition to the hospital. Yulia was allowed in april to leave the hospital, her father in may. Skripal stated last month that at first he did not believe that the Russian intelligence service to him and his daughter something ‘would want to do. ‘We live very discreet and withdrawn in order to avoid trouble, ” she said to BBC.

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