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Podcast: Hype, FUD & media culture

With home advantage, Phillip Horch and Tobias Schmidt are this week’s guest in the BTC-ECHO Podcast. Both form the backbone of the BTC-ECHO editorial team and experience the UPS and downs of the crypto-scene daily. They share their experiences and talk about the mood of the markets.

Dramatic price increases marked the end of the year 2017. Bitcoin suddenly at 20,000 US dollars that ICO-madness as far as the eye can see, an Announcement is chasing the other – for crypto investors it was a fast-paced time. The handle to the block folio as the first action of the day started to take place as Routine. It was never boring. However, as these months are from the other perspective: of the of an editor who reported on the happenings? Answer this question to us, the BTC-ECHO veterans Phillip and Tobias.

Flood and ebb, Hype and FUD

In English it is said “What goes up, must come down”. One might have thought that a glance at the development of the crypto-currencies. The consolidation of the courses came to the Bullrun the end of 2017 on the progress of 2018 less as a Surprise, but rather as a welcome cooling. Hype and FUD seem to be like Yin and Yang in constant struggle on the crypto-market. The bulls, dominate is not a bad message, you can put the brakes on the enthusiasm and no Investment is too risky. The bears have the market in the paws, acts of self-control crypto-currency Bitcoin to the speculative.

v. l. n. r.: Tobias Schmidt, Alex Roos, and Phillip Horch

Emotional distance to win, especially by one thing: experience. This experience, Phillip Horch and Tobias Schmidt bring through their work in the BTC-ECHO editorial staff. They tell of their impressions of the last year, the number of news and reports from your memory the value of most articles.

If you don’t have the time for you to full-time with the Blockchain technology to deal, but which nevertheless have a broad Overview and a picture of the mood want to receive, is this a result of the BTC-ECHO Podcasts just right for you. We will clarify to you about Hype, FUD, and the General media culture!

Show notes

  • Article series: Goodbye FUD
  • Article: Is the Ripple rate soon at 100 Euro? by Phillip Horch
  • Article: ICOs in China for illegally Schmidt explained by Tobias
  • Job offer: Freelance editor/Journalist at BTC-ECHO
  • Job offer: internship as an Online editor at BTC-ECHO

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