Peter Jackson wants second Tintin film

It was not immediately a success in the US, but ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ by Steven Spielberg, scored very well elsewhere. Peter Jackson would like to make a second film. That promise was already made earlier, but this time poses the director with a 2020 date on the project.

“I’m still going to make him,” said Jackson to Polygon. “I want the script to have written, but hope that we still have a Tintin movie, one that I directed. This would be Steven Spielberg to produce. I hope within a year or two to get started. I mean, at this moment, nothing at all, but what should happen, is that I sit down and script development. Next year I’m going to be trying to do.”

In recent years, Jackson was busy with the Hobbit trilogy, ‘Mortal Engines’ and a documentary about the First world War. If all of these projects have ended, there will be time for the new Tintin movie.

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