Pave Duterte way for the military junta in the Philippines?

The controversial Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is sick, but doesn’t say what he has. For sure: he wants the rules for his successor to change.

The Philippines are in the ban of wild speculation about the health of president Rodrigo Duterte (73), and about whom he should follow as it really not. The term of office of Duterte is still running …

The Philippines are in the ban of wild speculation about the health of president Rodrigo Duterte (73), and about whom he should follow as it really not. The term of office of Duterte to run until 2022. Last week missed Duterte’s two official appointments because he allowed himself to testing in a private clinic.

But the president started the rumors about his health during a televised official dinner. “I don’t know where I physically am,” he said. ‘If it is a terminal cancer, I will not treatment.’ Meanwhile, a member of his government said that there tests no cancer was found. This seems to be everything of the job, but actually it should be the political battle will now begin. Because the regime has made it clear that it does not want to abide by the constitutional rules on succession.

Dirty politics game

If Duterte is too ill or too incapacitated for his office, according to the constitution, the vice-president the term of office off. In this case, is that Leni Robredo, politician of the Liberal opposition party. It is linked to a anticorruptiebeweging and gets support from a few ngos.

But last week said Duterte, in a speech to retired and active generals that Robredo to be too weak in strategy’ is to get him to follow. “I would the okay find if a military junta came, that I personally will inzweren,” he said. The last couppoging dates back to 2007, the most serious was in 1986.

A political ally of Duterte, meanwhile, has an eloquent proposal for an amendment to the constitution submitted. That proposal, put Robredo out of the game, has no limits on the number of terms of office, and allows political dynasties. ‘A way to the same group of legislators forever the power to love, ” said the oppositieparlementslid Carlos Zarate at the news site The Rappler. Also Dutertes daughter is also in the running for his succession.

The US and China play also

According to the journalist Raissa Robles (South China Morning Post) will also be foreign influence determine. Read: the US and China both want to influence in the Philippines and Filipino politicians seem to respond to that. Until now, Duterte the two powers in turn played off against each other, albeit not always as consistent, or useful.

“A week after his own suggestion about a possible terminal illness, gives the otherwise vranke Duterte is no details free. “It is not cancer and nothing serious,” he said only. For the rest stressed a spokesman that details about the health remain confidential as long as they are not life-threatening. Already in 2015 gave Duterte in a party for supporters admitted that he was ” maybe six years would not put out.’

Ruined by smoke, now heavily antitabak

The constitution obliges the Philippine president to make his health status public to make. Thus, the filipinos already that their 73-year-old leader suffers from migraines, has problems with his back and is struggling with the disease of Buerger. That is a chronic inflammation of the blood vessels caused by smoking, which leads to the death of limbs. Duterte has also Barrettoesofagus, a condition in which mucosa located in the esophagus develops. That is also linked to tobacco use and lead to serious cancers.Duterte was a heavy smoker, but has as mayor of Davao since 2012 smoking completely in the spell struck. Since 2017, there is also a strict national ban. According to scientists did to the tobacco industry in the Philippines to the most extreme, controversial and false forms of promotion. The poor, women and children were specific to the cigarette lured.

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