Own Look: remarkably déjà vu at Ajax

Jaap de Groot

Back in the time. To Monday evening, march 2, 1992. Two days before the UEFA Cup match AA Gent – Ajax. In the Amsterdam theatre group is unrest about the vision of Van Gaal, who six months earlier Leo Beenhakker is followed. In the professional football debut trainer within the club for the commotion made by his choice for the 4-4-2 system to deviate from the classic style. So, without the outside players, which Bryan Roy on the left was killed.

The consequences are noticeable. Ajax believe in small results. Or result, but few goals, and limited entertainment. Also, many players are not comfortable in their own skin, and on that particular Monday night in Gent decision Van ’t schip on behalf of the selection discussion with the trainer.

It is a historic call. The captain knows Van Gaal so far as to get the players lets vote between the 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 variant.

The result is everything: 15-1. For 4-3-3. Only Stefan Pettersson remains behind the choice of the trainer. Then Van Gaal tack, again sets out the three attackers, and Roy returns as the left. Two months later to win Ajax the UEFA Cup and the 1995 Champions League. With Marc Overmars as a left outer and Finidi George on the right.

Then 26 years later in Munich. Again there is Ajax there a in the professional football debut as a trainer. Again, there is in the selection of discontent, this time about the choices At the Hag. The difference with Ghent and Munich is that the conversation with the (reserve)captain not to, but after the match takes place. For the rest, there seem to be only parallels.

During the hours of discussion to find leader and trainer to each other. It is striking that even now, the left is raised. Instead of Roy this time David Neres, as before, brilliant against Bayern Munich.

The question now is whether there will be something beautiful at Ajax is going to bloom? That should be apparent, but there is an important step. After the guide of Van Gaal went in 1992, the theatre group to the ground to his right.

When will Tadic is not different. Out by Mike o’connor recorded the story of last Saturday it is clear that he is the voice of the selection acts. So will the rest connect to the collective for the equal of the team.

Therefore, the position of Erik ten Hag weakened? One phone call to Louis van Gaal and he knows enough.

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