Maggie Gyllenhaal responds to allegations James Franco

The actress takes the allegations very seriously, but finds however, that her show with Franco must go on.

Maggie Gyllenhaal reacts to the allegations of multiple women that actor James Franco them sexually would have been abused. Gyllenhaal calls it is not correct to the show – in which she, along with Franco, the protagonist has to cancel. The Deuce is produced by the two actors, and is about the beginning of the sex trade in New York in the ’70s. The actress is taking the allegations ‘very seriously’, even after Franco she has denied.

“I felt responsible to this is not to ignore,” she said during an interview on the radio station SiriusXM. “When the allegations emerged, we read all of them and we took them very seriously. We talked with all the women on the set worked to ask if they are respected felt and what their experience was with James, and everyone said that they are fully respected, and felt by him.”

They wanted to prevent the situation with Kevin Spacey and House of Cards would be repeated, and wanted at all costs to The Deuce. “It would be totally wrong to be as a result of the allegations our show to stop. And yet, I believe that there are consequences for the abuse or contempt of women.”

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