’Luxury’ for Oranjevrouwen

Lineth Beerensteyn has the score open.

“That fast tegengoal, of course, was not the intention”, said coach Sarina Wiegman in conversation with Veronica. Already after three minutes it was 1-0. “Fortunately, we were also quickly at the end. That gave plenty of rest. The mental toughness that we showed is good to see.”

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In the striker got Lineth Beerensteyn Tuesday preferred. Vivianne Miedema had in the bank to start and saw Beerensteyn two times scoring. “Beerenstein does it very well. She blasts the ball, so beautiful, while I might have said that she can’t headlines”, said Wiegman with a smile.

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In the play-offontmoeting with Belgium or Switzerland will Wiegman probably choose between Miedema or Beerensteyn in the point of the attack. “A luxury problem”, took the national coach. “They are two totally different types. Lineth is very explosive, while Vivianne is deadly in the zestienmetergebied. Today, Beerensteyn also see that they are targeted.”

Beerensteyn plays excellently in Viborg.

“I have algezegd that we but with four strikers have to start,” said Wiegman jokingly. “I still have a month to make a decision. Of course, should both players to their club to continue to perform.”

“I’m sitting in my drawer. At my club it is also nice. If I am, I want it to be as good as possible fill out”, says Beerensteyn, who normally reserve is behind Miedema. Miedema has only just recovered from an injury and had to take in both duels against Denmark with a role as invalster settle.

Beerensteyn is not that they are now in november in the finals also has the right goals. “That is a tricky question. We are a very good collective. It does not matter much who is in there. If we win, you won’t hear me complain,” she said for the microphone from Veronica.

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