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Kris Vervaet new CEO for the company Brussel-De Persgroep

The School adapts its management structure, and install a Belgium-the Netherlands organisation for a more intensive cooperation between the two countries. The media company does that for the digital transformation to accelerate. The umbrella ceo in Belgium and the Netherlands Erik Roddenhof, Kris Vervaet is at the head of the Belgian leg of the company including VTM, Q2, The Latest News and The Morning.

“It’s in the first place about the convergence of words, images, video and audio, but also about data, cutting-edge technology and a totally new way for our advertisers to operate,” says Christian Van Thillo, ceo of De Persgroep, which is also the Scandinavian leg covers. “We have determined that our companies in Belgium and the Netherlands intensify the need to work together to make this transformation happen.’

It is striking that one of the two current interim-ceo, Erwin Deckers, promotion. He is chief creative officer of the Dutch-Belgian leg of the company. His colleague Dirk Lodewyckx remains active in Belgium as cmo and coo of the audiovisual activities. Furthermore, the board of directors in Belgium is unchanged.

In april this year, Peter Bossaert Medialaan, after disagreements with Christian Van Thillo. Deckers and Lodewyckx replaced him temporarily. Bossaert is since may started work as the ceo of the Belgian football association. Kris Vervaet has been working since september this year as director of publishing and digital business development at de Persgroep Publishing. The 47-year-old Vervaet was previously working for EDF in France. There is now searched for a new director of publishing and digital business development.

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