Guy Van Sande asks suspension for child pornography

The Veurnse court has this morning bent on the reference of the actor, Guy Van Sande (55) in a file of child pornography. The defense asked for the suspension of punishment, to speak. The court shall issue a ruling on 23 October.

In an ongoing investigation into child pornography in a Diksmuidenaar came the Veurnse speurders in June 2016 with two suspects from Antwerp, belgium. The facts played themselves into a dubious chat room where child pornography was exchanged. A professor of the University of Antwerp was by the magistrate stopped and sat for a while in pretrial. Guy Van Sande was after hearing under the terms and conditions released. When the hoopla broke loose, took the actor also resigned as alderman for N-VA in Edegem.

The public prosecutor’s office of West-Flanders, department of Veurne, wants, Guy Van Sande for the court on suspicion of, among others, possession, production and distribution of child pornography. The actor admitted that he is conscious chat room visited, but minimizes his participation in the case. Also for the professor and the Diksmuidenaar is the reference to the criminal court asked.

The dossier was this spring is already completed, but the defense of Van Sande asked several times for additional research. This morning, the case was still treated for the judiciary. The defense of the Diksmuidenaar pleaded for his client outside persecution. The lawyers of Guy Van Sande and the professor asked for the suspension of punishment. In that case, the matter would, therefore, not before the criminal court.

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