Goalie Orange: ’If it is necessary, then I am there’

Loes Geurts grabs.

Over a year later they stood in the basic team of Orange in both matches in the semi-finals of the play-offs against Denmark.

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,,I’m free in my head. Football is important, but not the most important,” says Geurts Tuesday after the victory of 1-2 in Viborg-Denmark. The netherlands qualified for the final of the play-offs.

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Geurts got from coach Sarina Wiegman again preferred to Sari van Veenendaal, who is only just fit again. ,,If it is necessary, then I am there. Whether I am in the final again will be goalkeeping? I leave that to Sarina,” said Geurts, who found that the Netherlands, in Denmark, did well.

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,,It was annoying that we quickly get a penalty against got. I think we then, generally have done a good. We did not succeed completely “free” to play football, but we have the match well played.”

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