“Girl can show as the opener to Film Fest Gent is a megacadeau”

Tonight is “Girl”, the debut film by Lukas Dhont, finally in Belgium. It is the opening film of Film Fest Gent. Director Lukas Dhont and protagonist, Victor Polster look forward to the Belgian premiere and try the success of the film to explain.

“I’m nervous,” says Luke Dhont from the shore. “A lot of people I know to come and watch. I live in Ghent, I grew up here, I went as a small child to the cinema where soon the film will be shown, and also with the Ghent film festival, I have a band. When I was eighteen, I sat in the young person’s prize. All my short films, I have there shown. I am now at Film Fest Gent my first feature film allowed to show, is a megacadeau. I am very curious what the reactions are going to be.”

‘Girl’ has already received thirteen awards. The most important is the Caméra d’or at the Cannes film festival. In addition, there was for the cast, also the good news that the movie is the Belgian entry for the Oscars. Sixteen-year-old Victor Pad reacts on the success: “It raises a lot of emotions and I am actually amazed. I never thought that the movie that was kick. It is very beautiful.”

Not only was there the bright successful screening at the Cannes film festival, also at the film festival of Toronto in september, there was much praise for the acting, both of which Arieh Worthalter that the father plays, as that of Victor Pad. Lukas Dhont: “Victor is a great talent, very elegant, very mature and very disciplined. He played his role with a great respect for the character and that you can see.” Victor Pad agrees: “I see Lara like, I admire her. She is a very strong figure who does everything in its power to achieve its goal.”

What the film makes this place so special, according to the author is that it is not a classic transgenderfilm. Lukas Dhont: “It’s not going to be someone who has to fight against the whole world, she needs her environment is not convincing. That heroic battle I saw in many other transgenderfilms, but I didn’t want to tell you in Girl. My film is about the battle in the head of Lara and her struggle with her body. It’s about someone who is the most sincere version of himself trying to be and that is universal. That transcends the transgenderthema.”

On the seventeenth of October appears in the film in Belgian cinemas.

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