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Get lost in the paintings of Van Gogh in Brussels stock exchange

‘Van Gogh, the immersive experience is no music. You will there is not an authentic Van Gogh can be admired, but hundreds of replicas, that in all possible formats and with the most modern techniques such as 3D projections, are brought to life.

Through virtual reality you can even in a Provencal landscape to wander where van Gogh paintings appear on an original soundtrack, and with comments that are often based on what the Dutch expressionist in his letters, told his brother.

The quirky exhibition on Van Gogh runs until January 6 at the exhibition centre of Brussels.

Purists will say that a real Van Gogh-exhibition of paintings must be made and not with projections, preferably in a museum and not in a convention center. There is a creative director Mario Iacampo, however, does not wake up. He is aiming just on people who never go to a museum. Maybe more people that a theme park visit, for here is experience central, and the appeal to all the senses.

Brussels is the second stop of the expo, after the San Giovanni Maggiore church in Naples, which in three months ‘ time, the 75,000 visitors over the floor.

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