Bono recruits support in the European institutions for partnership with Africa

U2 frontman Bono will be a visit to the European institutions. The lead singer of the legendary Irish rock band and costichter of the ngo One, there is campaign for a new European partnership with Africa.

“There is a need for a partnership, not for, but with Africa,” said Bono in the European Parliament for his interview with president Antonio Tajani and the political leaders of political group. Afterwards, he goes also along with European president Donald Tusk.

Bono is costichter of One, an ngo which for years actievoert against poverty on the African continent. His message is these days a benevolent ear in the European institutions. The Commission recently launched proposals for a new investment and jobs focused partnership with Africa.

“The people are afraid of uncontrolled migration from the south, and I understand them, but I am excited about what is happening in our neighboring continent to the happening. I see incredible possibilities. While we get older and grayer, they are younger and more vibrant”, said Bono.

The U2 frontman will find that Europe is the sights, plenty of on Africa should be aiming for. “While America is on vacation, and the big ideas left to do, we would with our African partners to the table to sit down, as equals, and to take over the world.”

Against the backdrop of the impending departure of Britain from the European Union, and the possible consequences for his Irish homeland, emerged Bono is increasingly also as a supporter of the European idea. “I’m European, and Irish. I feel at home here today,” said the rock singer, who argued that “Europe is a thought is that a feeling must be”.

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