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Binance: Bitcoin-exchange-donates fees for good purposes

Binance announced on their Homepage that you want in the future, make the design of their fees for Token-Listing more transparent. The Bitcoin exchange also with a new innovation to the benefit of good purposes.

Stock exchanges, on which crypto to buy currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & co., have had in terms of public Relations in recent time. Thus, we reported only on 8. October the fact that Bitfinex is currently in a strong suspicion, to be no longer liquid. What’s not: Apparently, you can see in the criticism, but to censor critical voices. Also, the Japanese authority Zaif came in last time not good. Here it was a Hack that was said to have cost the Bitcoin exchange reportedly at least 59 million US dollars. No wonder that the call for viable decentralized exchanges is getting louder and louder. In all the tangle Binance, will back the shady reputation of the exchanges in a slightly better light.

Binance: Bitcoin exchange for the good purpose

So the (formerly) Chinese company announced on its Homepage to make its fee structure for Token-Listings in the future, transparent. But that’s not enough: The publicly accessible fees to donate to Binance, according to media-Post to good purposes. In addition, Binance want to refrain in future from a fee. This should in the future, probably more of the user – depending on how much you think is right, and donates it then. Binance wants to go to his own statements, “the use of the Blockchain for the common good [the greater good]”. As a note Binance adds, however, that the amount of the donations have no impact on the Chance of a listing.

Further, the company presents in your organization Blockchain Charity Foundation. This is the world’s first decentralized Charity organization. Her ambitious goal is to fight using the Blockchain technology, poverty, and inequality. In addition, the stock market, which was attacks at the beginning of the year, victims of Phishing promotes, the United Nations Development program.

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