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30,000 in Indian Router affected by crypto-jacking

A few months ago, a study promised to the decline of the phenomenon of crypto-jacking. Now an Indian Cybersecurity has found that the number of the Router, the currencies without the consent of the owner of Crypto-mines, in the last month alone in India doubled. Crypto-jacking is on the rise again?

In July of this year, BTC-ECHO reported on a study that a slow but steady decline of crypto-jacking cases, observed and predicted. So unlukrativ as described there, the business with the Acquisition of Mining does not seem to be devices however. The Indian Cybersecurity companies Banbreach found out that crypto-jacking in the case of India.

Cryptojacker take over Mining Router

According to Banbreach Indian Cryptojacker have taken over the 30,000 Mining Router. Thus, the number of devices that are infected by crypto-jacking Software has doubled in the last month. In their investigation under Banbreach divided the territories of India according to the population density in three different categories. The company noted that 45 percent of the affected routers are located in India in the most sparsely populated regions. To Banbreach monitored the Internet traffic and all Internet-connected devices with public IP was able to identify addresses. This enabled the company to investigate the traffic of the Router.

The main Malware used by the hackers, is a modified Version of the Coinhive-Mining Protocol. This allows browsers, crypto-currencies to mine and focuses particularly on Monero. By nature Coinhive is not a tool which was developed for criminal activities. So charities also used the Script to generate donations in the Form of Monero. In order to accelerate the spread of the Malware developed by the attackers, however, new versions of Coinhive. How CoinGape on 6. October reported, the majority of the 2.5 million different crypto-jacking Malware programs on the Coinhive Script.

Crypto-jacking seems to be on the rise again. Who wants to go on number safe and prevent attackers use the processing power of the browser, unintentionally for Mining activities, should activate an appropriate plug-in, the Malware gets in.

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