Young Violence closes in holebikamp

Over the last few weeks were the parents of six children of well-known Flemish knowledge with peers who are less comfortable lives than they. Specially for Red Nose Day asked the young people to open themselves and they shared the struggles that they are faced with. In the slotaflevering on Tuesday 9 October 2018 to take Tita, Hebe, Chinouk, Fiel, Len and Obi farewell of the camp life, and they look at home in Evi Hanssen back on their experiences.

But before that, the six their visit to the holebikamp so Young is Not Straight further. There is no question of the issue. While Davide candidly about his coming-out talk with Obi, listen Hebe to the story of transgender Jasper. “I have a lot of difficult moments,” he admits. “I often thought: why do I need to undergo? Why am I not just born as I wanted to be? The suicide rates in the holebiwereld are very high. Eight out of ten transgender people walk away with some thoughts around, that is huge.” Talking about it is important, also realize Hebe.