Trump apologizes for ‘innocent Kavanaugh’ for ‘lies’

Brett Kavanaugh (53) during the ceremony for his appointment as a judge in the Us Supreme court promised ‘independent and impartial’ will work. President Trump then himself for what he the ‘campaign of lies’ during the appointment procedure, called.

“Those who have to come to our country to serve, to earn a fair and decent evaluation, not personal and political beschadigingscampagne based on lies and deception,” president Trump back to the allegations of sexual misconduct that emerged after the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.s. Supreme court. “What the Kavanaughs happened, goes against every form of honesty, decency and regular course of justice.’

Trump still had a clear message about the allegations that several of the women express towards Kavanaugh. ‘In our country needs someone like presumed innocent until his guilt is proven,” said the president, who is the chief judge focused: “I must say your innocence, sir, after a historical critical research, is proven.’

Kavanaugh: ‘No bitterness’

The lifetime appointment of Kavanaugh was in the Senate was approved with 50 votes against 48 – Republicans against Democrats, with both parties one dissenting voice. The tightest of appointment since 1881.

“The nomination process was contentious and emotional,” says Kavanaugh. “But that’s over now. Now I want to be the best judge I can be. I take this task on me with gratitude and without bitterness.’

With the appointment of Kavanaugh have the conservatives again have a majority in the Supreme court, with five versus four liberals.

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