The Last Supper for the sisters and the OMG girls

In the latest episode of OH MY GOD’s four remaining partygoers for one last night back to the Sisters of the Monastery of the blessed Sacrament. Because they themselves find that they are not there with empty hands can arrive, provide the girls for one time for food, decorations, and the favorite drink of Mother Superior. Pina Colada!

Then return the girls back to the house for the start of their new life. But at the departure they forget their dearest possession, the one object which they have in the beginning of their residence in the monastery, just a lot of effort had to say goodbye to: their mobile phone.

What do the party girls from now on differently? This unplanned spiritual journey, yet a deeper impact left than originally thought? The stay is made at one of them in advance for a physical and permanent reminder, with thanks to Fabrizio. And what is with the apostate Mother?

Oh My God – Tuesday to 20u35 at FIVE

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