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Survey shows consumer opinions on the Blockchain

Survey shows consumer opinions on the Blockchain

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Matthias Nemack –

Studies on the opinion of company for the Blockchain technology, there are plenty of. But what ordinary consumers think about the digital developments? The electronica Trend Index asked for consumer opinions on the topic of security and Blockchain. The special survey of the “Blockchain technology” was open only to German participants.

German consumers see Potential for banks to set

The client of the current second edition of the electronica Trend Index, the “electronica was once again”. This is the conference for electronics, and at the same time, important world’s leading trade fair in the industry. The officer’s opinion, researchers have, once again, asked 1,000 German consumers in a representative survey, under the title of “Blockchain technology” to reply. Furthermore, as many people in the countries, China, USA, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom in June 2018, respectively, to the parent survey – the electronica trend Index 2018 – participated. The online conducted a special survey revealed several interesting Details on the assessment of the Blockchain by German consumers. Among other things 51 percent of the survey respondents reported that a full classic Bank Replace services and centralized Online services like Google and other innovative networks on the Blockchain. The respondents can imagine to pay for future purchases with your digital capital from a Bitcoin Wallet.

Better starting position for privacy is expected

It is interesting to note, moreover, that 57 percent of the surveyed citizens, the Blockchain is an important data protection Instrument, which users could contribute in a better Position to the operators of Online platforms. In particular, in terms of the DSGVO-data protection regulation of the European Union, the respondents hope for better conditions through the use of Blockchain-based systems. More than every second citizen safe and secure transaction offerings for their own virtual identity on the Internet for the future of counterfeiting. Last but not least, the consumers expect in Germany easy handling of the new technologies that can comparable to be easily used in today’s Apps for mobile devices. This, in turn, could mean that in fact, soon, more and more German Wallets will create.

Experts do not see recently in the area of logistics, a wide range of opportunities for the optimization of the delivery processes. The electronica 2018 opens in Munich between 13. to 16. November its doors. More than 3,000 exhibitors will be this year.

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